PVC is used in so many areas in the construction sector. From electrical appliances to floor covering windows gutter and roller shutters… , PVC is everywhere in a building. Actiplast is particularly proud of its hundreds of formulations covering the whole spectrum of this demanding sector!

Indoor & Outdoor applications

INDOOR: flooring system, decorative profile, blind, curtains :

Cable management: moulding connectors, junctions, back boxes, fittings.


OUTDOOR: Window, window seal, angle bar, siding, paneling, fence, garage door, shutter, roller shutter,

Around the pool: blade of pool curtains, protective barrier, furniture (WPC).

Colors :

Actiplast is committed to the quality of its outdoor PVC and particularly to the ageing of the final products. We have had several formulations certified by the Highly Qualified French Laboratory – LNE. View our PVC on